Services and Tariffs

Enjoy our modern and well-kept, handcrafted facilities with a long and indulgent list of complements and accessories for your day to day life as a coworker. 

Come and experience all that we have to offer in a fully adaptable way!



Coworking Space

If you need a quiet place, with good WIFI connection, where you can go every morning to carry out your professional activity, in a space that encourages concentration, creativity and at the same time to have colleagues with whom you can have a coffee or whatever comes up, this is the place for you.



Meeting/Videoconference Room

If you need a place to give a course, a lecture, a personnel selection or simply a meeting with a client, we have a modern, quiet and perfectly equipped meeting room.




Virtual Office

If you need a location in Cádiz, but you are not going to use it for the whole month, we have an intermission in which you can use our address, where we will collect all the letters and notices that arrive and you can also use your meeting room or coworking room according to your needs. 
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